Europlanters help keep the sea plastic free by using “green resin”

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Helping to Make the World a Greener Place

Europlanters is one of Britain‘s largest manufacturers of GRP planters.
Our planters are extremely popular as they are lightweight, durable, frost proof, rust proof and made from cost effective materials.
Recently more and more people are asking us if our products are environmentally friendly?
As part of our commitment to work towards a more sustainable future, Europlanters now use a brand new waste reducing “green” resin. Using this resin means Europlanters alone will stop at least 500,000 plastic bottles a year going to landfill and oceans.
In fact, for every 220kg drum used, we recycle approximately 1800 waste plastic bottles.

Here are a few facts about plastic bottles…

“Plastic bottles that end up in our oceans kill around a million sea creatures every year”

“The average household in the UK uses 480 plastic bottles each year with only 270 being recycled, which means 44% are being sent to landfill”

“Annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021, far outstripping recycling efforts and jeopardising oceans, coastlines and other environments”

“One million plastic bottles are bought every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021”

So, buy from us with confidence knowing your purchase is supporting ocean conservation and reducing landfill.

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