Artificial Topiary and Plants

Here is a small selection of topiary and hedging available from Europlanters. These can be purchased in single units or in packs. If required, we can fit any of the topiary and hedging below into our planters for an instant display – perfect forĀ  showrooms, offices, entrances and outdoors.
Please contact a member of our team for details.

Boxwood Ball by Europlanters

Boxwood Ball

6 sizes from 20cm to 50cm

Buxus Ball by Europlanters

Buxus Ball

3 sizes from 30cm to 50cm

Buxus Tower by Europlanters

Buxus Tower

4 sizes from 60cm to 150cm

Buxus Ball Treel by Europlanters

Buxus Ball Tree

2 sizes from 120cm & 150cm

Buxus Double Ball Treel by Europlanters

Buxus Double Ball Tree

One size 150cm

Buxus Triple Ball Tree by Europlanters

Buxus Triple Ball Tree

2 sizes 120cm & 150cm

Buxus Spiral by Europlanters

Buxus Spiral

3 sizes from 90cm to 150cm

Bay Tree by Europlanters

Bay Tree

3 sizes from 90cm to 180cm

Olive Ball Tree

One size 100cm

Cactus Plant by Europlanters

Cactus Plant

One size 44cm

Cactus Single Stem by Europlanters

Cactus Single Stem

One size 42.5cm

Aloe Plant by Europlanters

Aloe Plant

One size 58cm

Cycas Palm by Europlanters

Cycas Palm

One size 95cm (w) x 120cm (h)

Bird of Paradise

One size 103cm

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

2 sizes 62cm & 107cm

Zebra Grass

4 sizes from 50cm to 137cm

Dogtail Grass Tall by Europlanters

Dogtail Grass Tall

5 sizes from 52cm to 180cm

Dogtail Grass Bushy by Europlanters

Dogtail Grass Bushy

3 sizes from 58cm to 114cm

Artificial Topiary Hedging

Topiary hedge by Europlanters

Standard Topiary Hedging (made to measure)

Deluxe Topiary Hedging (made to measure)

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