Wall Fire

The elegant Le Feu WALL bio fire has a hinge bracket which enables a 90 degree left or right movement making it possible to adjust the fire to where you wish to see the flames and direct where you want the heat to go, creating a cosy and relaxed ambience in your home. 

The modern design, clean lines and living flames make Le Feu WALL fire a superb addition to the living environment. This bioethanol WALL fire offers a stylish centre piece that does not take up any floor space.

As the fire uses Bioethanol fuel no chimney, flue or unsightly cables are required. This easy to fit fire is great for a living room, kitchen, orangery, restaurant and bar. Perfect for any  location where warmth and elegance is desired.

Le Feu’s bio fires is the best-selling bioethanol brand in Scandinavia. Bio fires burn on the liquid called bioethanol. Made from plant parts, sugars, corn or soybeans, bioethanol is the most environmentally friendly fuel available. It does not smoke or smell and is an ideal fireplace using clean, green energy that provides the best indoor climate for you and your family.

  • It is estimated 1.5 litre of fuel may last for up to 5 to 6 hours subject to conditions.
  • Produces up to 3kw of heat
  • Heat a 20 square metre room approximately
  • Comes with wall mount bracket, dome, burner and regulator rod
  • Please be aware that the Wall Fire Place can only be fitted to a brick or concrete wall.




350 mm


520 mm

Our Bio Fire Range

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