The RHS Urban Show transformed Manchester’s Depot Mayfield into a floral haven for four captivating days. Centred around gardening and green spaces within urban landscapes, the show tackled challenges and offered innovative solutions, while igniting inspiration with its plethora of designs and plants

Europlanters are proud sponsors of the Pub Garden competition designed by renowned Designer Emma Tipping.

The Star Inn, Salford, is set to bring the garden home, enriching the local community with its verdant charm. In collaboration with the RHS and the Manchester Evening News (MEN), local pubs had the opportunity to vie for the ultimate garden prize, demonstrating why their area deserves a beautiful pub garden that doubles as a community hub.

Pub gardens hold a special place in urban communities, offering a haven for socializing, dining, and enjoying live events. Manchester, with its storied history of pubs, cherishes these spaces as vital community assets. Notably, The Wellington, nestled in the city’s oldest building dating back to 1552, stands as a testament to Manchester’s pub culture legacy.

As part of the RHS Urban Show, Depot Mayfield is set to host its own homage to Manchester’s pub heritage with a bespoke pub garden. Renowned designer Emma Tipping, celebrated for her award-winning gardens at RHS Chelsea and RHS Tatton, was the natural choice for this project. Her designs, which evoke the spirit of socializing amidst nature’s embrace, promise to captivate and inspire visitors, paying homage to Manchester’s rich social history.

Nathan Webster, acclaimed for his woodland management prowess that earned him the title of Young Designer of the Year at RHS Tatton Park, brought his expertise to the city. Collaborating with Kris O’Brine from Event Concept, they ingeniously recreated the practice of selective tree felling, allowing dappled sunlight to filter through to the forest floor. This technique not only fosters a healthy layer of underplanting but also encourages thriving biodiversity within urban woodlands.

As visitors embarked on their journey through the exhibit, they were enveloped in an urban soundscape that seamlessly blended natural tranquillity with city life. The harmonious mix of birdsong, traffic, and chatter gradually gave way to the soothing melodies of nature as they ventured deeper into the woodland, creating a multisensory experience that celebrated the beauty and resilience of urban greenery.

One star of the show was our huge 2000mm diameter bowl standing at 800mm high this certainly made an impression!Beautifully planted by up Wright Landscapes. We had many comments on this striking feature pot looking stunning in its bronze textured finish. 

Jason Williams, also known as The Cloud Gardener, curated a series of captivating gardens within the Cloudscapes feature. Each garden showcased innovative designs tailored to different aspects, demonstrating the potential of urban spaces to flourish with greenery.

On four balconies, visitors discovered inspired transformations showcasing what can be achieved in north, south, east, and west-facing aspects. From sun-drenched retreats to cool, shaded sanctuaries, each balcony garden exemplified the art of maximizing space and light to create thriving urban oases.

A once-shady patio was magically reimagined into a tranquil haven, where crops seamlessly intertwined with ornamental plants. This transformation not only demonstrated the harmonious coexistence of practicality and aesthetics but also inspired visitors to rethink the possibilities of their own outdoor spaces.

At the heart of the exhibit, a vibrant community garden served as a beacon of inspiration for urban developers and a rallying cry for a fresh approach to communal green spaces. By showcasing the power of collaboration and creativity, this garden urged a departure from conventional design norms, advocating for inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant urban environments that nurture both people and nature alike.

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