The Tissington Planter

The Tissington Planter introduces a fresh, organic shape crafted from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), offering both stunning aesthetics and exceptional durability. Its clay effect finish adds a touch of authenticity, resembling a handmade clay pot while benefiting from the resilience of fiberglass.

This planter is particularly well-suited for enhancing entrances or doorways, where its elegant design can make a statement and welcome visitors. Despite its compact size, the Tissington Planter is versatile enough to complement interior displays, yet substantial enough to make a striking addition to outdoor spaces.

With its ability to seamlessly blend into various environments, the Tissington Planter is a versatile choice for any location. Its compatibility with the Austell range offers an opportunity for an eclectic mix of styles, allowing for unique and personalized displays.

Available in clay, stone, terracotta, and earth effect finishes, the Tissington Planter provides a range of options to suit different design preferences and complement existing decor themes. Whether used alone or paired with other planters, the Tissington adds charm and elegance to any setting, making it a perfect choice for enhancing both indoor and outdoor spaces.




500 mm


500 mm


400 mm

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