"With great planters comes great responsibility"

Our mission is to offer solutions to the landscape and interior design industries, creating a more sustainable circular economy.

Committed to a sustainable future

We have created a way of integrating the waste by-product from the manufacturing of GRP into our planters, thus further helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Whenever possible, Europlanters use local suppliers. When choosing suppliers we select those committed to sustainability and environmental management.

GRP has a longer economic lifespan than other materials, therefore saving money as well as the planet.


The lightweight properties of GRP not only makes it easier to manoeuvre, but also make the transportation of it more fuel efficient compared to heavy pottery or metal. This makes GRP the more eco-friendly option.

Our products are not made by machine. One of the benefits of choosing GRP over other materials, such as metal, is that it doesn’t create huge smoke clouds or other toxic air pollutants and saves energy too.

We use a new bio-resin made in the UK, sourced from renewable feedstocks, such as plant biomass. This green technology saves natural resources, energy and lowers greenhouse emissions.

If you’re concerned about water run off and need to reduce it or simply want to conserve water, ask about our GRP attenuation planters and how these can support SUDs.

Do your bit for the environment and recycle your old Europlanters with our new “BuyBack Scheme”.
See below for details.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Therefore we have a robust repair programme which gives our planters a second life.
Contact us for more details.

There are many things we can all do to reduce our carbon foot-print and our impact on the environment. Choosing a Europlanters GRP planter is a good start.

exclusive to europlanters customers

In a bid to manufacture products with economical sustainability, we've introduced our "BuyBack Scheme"

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