Stainless Steel Tall Square Planters

The Stainless Steel Tall Square Planter can be made from 304 grade brushed stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel.

The tall squares are fully welded and have been lined to avoid soil from corroding the inside. Therefore, a separate liner is not necessary.

Stainless Steel Tall Square Planters are sleek, elegant classic planters which are the perfect accompaniment to plants in any interior or exterior space. For that touch of luxury at an affordable price.

Bespoke sizes are made in the UK from British steel.

We also offer a wide variety of other shapes such as cylinders, cubes, troughs and tapered squares. All of these will compliment the Stainless Steel Tall Square Planters.

Please note that these planters are not suitable for being placed near a source of salt water. (i.e. sea air). Please ask us to quote for marine grade stainless if required.

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