Hammered Stainless Steel Planters


The Hammered Stainless Steel Planter is a conical shape and looks beautiful in any indoor or outdoor situation.

The Hammered Stainless Steel Planter also has a return lip on the top which gives it a high quality look and feel.

Although this Hammered Stainless Steel planter is made from a high grade stainless steel, to ensure that soil will not corrode the planter from the inside, it has been sealed and lined.

The Hammered Stainless Steel Planter is an elegant shape that is perfect for plants and looks equally stunning with floral displays.

The Hammered Stainless steel Planters are available in two different sizes. These planters look great as a set of two sizes or stunning on their own. They are also a perfect way to smarten up an entrance.

The Hammered Stainless Steel Planter is a simple attractive way to brighten up your space.

Why not mix up the metals and pair with our Hammered Copper Planters.

Please note that these planters are not suitable for being placed near a source of salt water. (i.e. sea air) 




500 mm


500 mm


800 mm

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