Ground Low

Available in black or white with a choice of 3 different hand crafted leg colours

This stylish GROUND LOW bio fire by Le Feu is a sleek portable fireplace which is perfect for rooms with limited space, apartments, garden rooms and even outdoors! It features an iron dome available in black or white and a choice of wooden tripod legs. Designed to burn eco-friendly bioethanol fuel.

This bioethanol fire gives produces smokeless heat from an eco-friendly fuel giving warmth and comfort at seat height to create a warm, cosy feeling in your home or garden. 

No chimney, flue or unsightly cables required, this freestanding bioethanol fire can be placed anywhere in your home or garden and looks super stylish even when not lit. 

This contemporary fire is simple to set up, just fill the burner with eco-friendly bioethanol fuel (not supplied) and enjoy the clean and smokeless flames. 

GROUND LOW is supplied with smooth Danish 45cm hand crafted legs in oak soap treated, oak smoked or black oak. Adding a distinctive style to the warmth and ambiance created by the fireplace dome. The dome finished in smooth matt black or white which enhances the stunning glow from the flame.

Le Feu’s bio fires is the best-selling bioethanol brand in Scandinavia. Bio fires burn on the liquid called bioethanol. Made from plant parts, sugars, corn or soybeans, bioethanol is the most environmentally friendly fuel available. It does not smoke or smell and is an ideal fireplace using clean, green energy that provides the best indoor climate for you and your family.

  • It is estimated 1.5 litre of fuel may last for up to 5 to 6 hours subject to conditions.
  • Produces up to 3kw of heat
  • Heat a 20 square metre room approximately 




350 mm


520 mm


800 mm

Our Bio Fire Range

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