The Austell Planter range offers a fresh and organic shape crafted from durable GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), providing both captivating aesthetics and long-lasting durability. Its clay effect finish adds an authentic touch, reminiscent of handcrafted clay pots, while benefitting from the strength and resilience of fiberglass.

These planters are ideal for creating clustered arrangements, where their elegant design can make a bold statement and warmly welcome visitors. Versatile enough to enhance interior displays yet sturdy enough to stand out in outdoor spaces, the Austell Planter range seamlessly integrates into various environments.

With its ability to blend effortlessly into diverse settings, the Austell Planter range is a versatile option for any location. Its compatibility with the Tissington range offers opportunities for mixing and matching styles, allowing for unique and personalized displays tailored to individual tastes.

Available in clay, stone, terracotta, and earth effect finishes, the Austell Planter range offers a wide selection to cater to different design preferences and complement existing decor themes. Whether used independently or combined with other planters, the Austell range brings a touch of charm and sophistication to any space, making it an excellent choice for enhancing both indoor and outdoor environments.






390 mm

505 mm

640 mm


390 mm

505 mm

640 mm


360 mm

530 mm

610 mm

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