The Belgravia Project

Chris, one of Europlanters estimators, worked closely with Jan Eliades from Celia Garden Design to create a calming haven on a balcony in Belgravia, London.  Planters for the balcony of this apartment were made in Fire Resistant Resin to comply with the building’s management requirements.

Around the perimeter of the balcony, metal screening was fitted with GRP planters and artificial hedging. This screening was laser cut to the customers own design to match a blind on the interior of the building. The screens and planters were then sprayed in RAL 7048 a metallic finish to compliment the building’s façade. The artificial hedging that was fitted into window boxes was also fire resistant. The effect looks stunning when the sunlight shines through the triangular gaps in the screening.

Benches were also made from fire resistant resin along with GRP Timber effect seating on the top. The run of storage benches were placed in front of the screening for use with the dining table.

Once the screening was in place, various stand alone GRP planters on hidden casters, were placed around the balcony. These planters were made in Bronze effect to compliment the screening.

Europlanters, particularly Chris one of our team of estimators, collaborated effectively with Jan Eliades from Celia Garden Design to transform the balcony into a relaxing space. The project involved careful consideration of building management requirements, leading to the production of fire-resistant resin planters to comply with regulations.

The use of metal screening with GRP planters and artificial hedging around the balcony’s perimeter not only met safety standards but also added aesthetic appeal. The laser-cut design of the screening, matching the interior blinds, and the metallic finish (RAL 7048) that complements the building facade contribute to the stunning overall visual impact.

The incorporation of fire-resistant artificial hedging in window boxes, demonstrates attention to safety without compromising on the desired look. The play of sunlight through the gaps in the screening enhances the visual effects, creating a stunning ambiance.

Additionally, the inclusion of benches made from fire-resistant resin, along with GRP Timber effect seating on top, provides functional and stylish seating options. The storage benches, conveniently placed in front of the screening, serve practical purposes for dining.

To elevate and showcase the customer’s fabulous Bonsai tree, Europlanters created a plinth adding another layer of visual interest to the balcony.

The flexibility of stand-alone GRP planters with hidden casters allows for easy rearrangement, and convenient access for the building’s maintenance personal, whilst also offering versatility of the balcony’s layout. Choosing a bronze effect for these planters further complements the overall design and ties in with the screening.

The completion of the manufacturing phase was followed by the skilled installation of the project by members of the Europlanters team. Their expertise ensured that the carefully crafted planters, benches, and screens were seamlessly integrated into the balcony space. The installation process involved precise placement of the fire-resistant resin planters, benches, and the intricately designed metal screening.
Attention to detail during installation would have been crucial to achieving the intended aesthetic and functional goals of the project.

Throughout the installation, the Europlanters team paid close attention to ensuring that all elements complied with safety requirements. This includes the fire-resistant nature of the materials used and the strategic positioning of features to meet building management standards.

The successful combination of functionality and eye-catching design suggests that the Europlanters team not only executed the installation with precision but also managed to bring the collaborative vision to life. The end result is a visually stunning and safe balcony space that reflects the collaborative efforts of Europlanters, Chris, Jan Eliades from Celia Garden Design, and other team members involved in the project.

Images courtesy of Jan Eliades

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